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   All Saints Church, where Istanbul Presbyterian Church now worships, is located on Yusuf Kamil Paşa Street in the charming Moda neighbourhood in Istanbul. The British built the church after the Crimean War in 1878. The architect, G.E. Street, also designed the Crimean Memorial, known as Istanbul’s Christ Church, in 1868. In the 19th and early 20th centuries many British families were living in this beautiful area of Istanbul. The street was formerly known as Delcorda Street until 1906. In fact, the street perpendicular to this, currently named Şair Nefi, was at that time named Loranda Street.  
As the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul gave a respected place to British families working in trade. Indeed one of these families was the Whittall family. The Whittalls covered a large portion of the expenses needed for the construction of All Saints Moda. Other British families residing in Moda also made contributions. Even today the church is indebted to the Whittall family for the continuation of the faith and worship in this place; the furtherance of the historic Anglican Church is their spiritual legacy. 
As the number of British citizens living in the district has decreased, All Saints Moda has become home to Istanbul Presbyterian Church.  This congregation, made up of Christian Turkish citizens living in the area, has been meeting in this building since All Saints Day (Nov. 1) 1996.  Istanbul Presbyterian Church was originally founded in 1993 as one of the first local churches in the historic Reformed tradition. The worship services and activities of Istanbul Presbyterian Church have been conducted under the leadership of Reverend Dr. T. Üçal.  The Presbyterian congregation has been given permission for the use of the historic building by the Istanbul Anglican Chaplaincy under Canon Ian Sherwood. All Saints Moda, through its ongoing worship and ministry, is a small mosaic of history and colour which compliments the historic, cosmopolitan, and exquisite character of the city of Istanbul. 
We joyfully recognize that the community at All Saints Moda has continually found itself under the protection of its neighbours in and around Moda. We trust and hope that the authorities will continue to show the respect they have shown from Ottoman times to the present day, so that open worship will continue at All Saints Moda for generations to come.  Istanbul Presbyterian Church at All Saints Moda generally conducts worship services in Turkish—Sunday morning services and morning and evening prayers during the week.